Creating an Outdoor Living Room


Creating an Outdoor Living Room

Creating an outdoor living room isn’t a tough job especially when there are lots of places where you can get ideas on how to do this the right way. An outdoor living room is a good addition to the house because it provides you with another place to lounge and enjoy the company of your family and friends while at the same time breathing in fresh air from your garden.

So, how can you go about creating the perfect oasis right in your very own garden? Here are a few tips that are sure to come in handy.

How to Create an Outdoor Living Room

  1. Place an Outdoor Rug – Adding an outdoor rug on an area where you would like to place all your outdoor furniture helps create a space that defines where your outdoor living room should be. You can place it in the center or off to one side of your porch if you prefer. However, when it comes to choosing an outdoor rug, make sure that it blends well or highlights the beauty of your outdoor furniture for better effect.
  1. Place Seats – Since you are turning your outdoor into an extension of your living room, you need to place seating for you and your guests. Sofa, chairs and a table can be a good start. You can keep adding other seating if you prefer depending on how many people are living in the house.
  1. Make Walls – Your outdoor living room is an extension of your home. And since your house has walls set up around it, your outdoor living room needs some as well. You really don’t have to put up all four walls for this instead you can make use of an already existing wall like the walls of your home. Move your furniture near it then add other decorations such as trellis or set up some light curtains for added privacy.
  1. Add Lights – Of course you will be using your outdoor living room sometimes at night. What you need to do is to add lights so you can see better. Look for outdoor lighting options such as lamps or metal torches. Candles placed in hurricane jars can work too.
  1. Add Ceiling – Tree branches can play a good role as the ceiling of your outdoor living room. If you don’t have any tree close by, you can always add a sail shade to protect your heads from any falling leaves and such.
  1. Add More Tables – If you are going to make the most out of your outdoor living room, adding tables such as end tables or coffee tables can be a good place for storage and even as a counter top. There are times when you will be drinking or eating out here that is why you need places to put your plates and glasses on.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to transform your outdoor to a more functional one. An outdoor living room is definitely a good addition to your home.

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