What to ask when hiring a contractor

You may decide to hire a contractor to help you construct a deck either because you don’t have experience in building one or you just don’t have the time to do […]

You may decide to hire a contractor to help you construct a deck either because you don’t have experience in building one or you just don’t have the time to do so. Today, there are some decking products that come ready to assemble and most people can do this but when it comes to designing the deck from scratch, you will definitely need a contractor.

The question is “How do you choose the right one?

For many a quick Google search is all that is needed, but I prefer word of mouth. Don’t you? I mean you’re spending about five or more thousand dollars on your deck, do you really want to just trust a search engine, something without feelings or actual knowledge of the contractor themselves. When asking friends and family about a reputable contractor or even calling ones you found on Google, Bing or any search engine you should consider the following as a guide to protect you and your deck.


You should definitely look for an experienced deck builder if at all you want to achieve the best results. An experienced contractor will have the right tools and materials therefore the project will be completed within the projected time. Such a contractor will also select materials that can withstand the climate around your area therefore constructing a deck that will last long.

To confirm that the contractor is experienced, you can request for his portfolio and take a look of the projects that he has completed. This will also give you a taste of his designs, color choices and other deck decorations.


You should hire the services of a contractor who has a good reputation to ensure that your deck is completed in time and you can have some easy time all through the construction. You can confirm about the reputation of the contractor by visiting their websites to check the reviews and ratings by previous clients. You can even consult some of these clients and ask them some questions about the contractor just to make sure that you make the right decision. If you decide to use Google Search, use the term “company name Reviews” in the search box, for instance “Frank Henry Deckbuilding Reviews”

Registered contractor

The contractor you choose should have a license to carry out deck constructions as this is a show of professionalism in the work. Registered contractors are also likely to have liability insurance and this will leave you on the safe side just in case something happens during the construction process. Such deck builders are also likely to charge fairly for their services since they are serious about their work. If they do not have liability insurance and a crew member does get hurt on the job they can sue you. By putting all the above considerations in mind, you will hire a contractor who will come up with a great plan and your deck should  be completed within the expected time.

For example, Deck Teck and Great Railing have been around for over 20 years serving the East Coast. When you walk into their showroom they have dozens of photos of decks they have done over the years, if a man comes to your house he will have a portfolio with him. Their reputation stands tall in all their testimonials and satisfied customers. When looking for a contractor in your area you should make sure you look for the above qualities.

For more design ideas and information on choosing a contractor and decking material look at our blog on Great Railing or stop into our showroom and let our design experts help you every step of the way.


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