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Today an outdoor living space is more than just about meeting your needs. Decks today are a way of expressing yourself and you’re creatively outside so the world can see your sense of art. Decks are basically luxury, yet delightful, areas and additions to any home, be it small or large. When you plan a deck design it allows you the freedom to choose how you want to feel when enjoying your new outdoor space with family and friends.

Deck designs are no longer basic rectangles attached to the back of the house. Today’s best decks incorporate almost flawlessly with the house, landscape, and yard.

Great Railing recommends that you consider the entire landscape as you plan. When you plan your deck try to think of the whole space, not just the deck details, but also the trees and gardens that will be a part of the scene. Great Railing usually likes to mix soft, casual plantings with a more formally laid-out space to give it a soft feel instead of such a formal ruggedness.

As with interior design, a focal point is important for pulling a deck plan together. Work toward organizing your design around a focal point; think of maybe a pool or a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen perhaps.

Another strategy of design is to visually connect the deck to the architecture of your home. This is probably the easiest approach for lending style and harmonizing the deck with your home. Railings, planters, trellises, and benches–the details of these elements can repeat and relate to those of the house.

Creating a beautiful outdoor space doesn’t require a view of the mountains or sea; you can create your own oasis right in your suburban backyard with just a little inspiration of others. That’s why Great Railing has posted some of their most beautiful deck designs so you can get some ideas and just maybe some can inspire you to create and design the deck of your dreams.

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