3 Deck Design Ideas for Your Home


There are several deck design ideas that you can choose from in order to create the best deck for your home. If you are contemplating building a deck and need some inspiration, read the following ideas below as to what kind of deck may be the right fit for your home.

Attached Deck Designs

The most common type of deck idea is the simple attached deck. This design can be plain, flat, and all one-level or quite complex in shape and multi-leveled. The desk can be designed to house planters or seats, a gazebo, or even a spa tub. The attached type of deck is best for smaller outdoor areas. For homes with a very small yard, you can also attach a deck to the second story of the home and create a balcony.

Unattached Deck Designs

This deck will not be attached to the home and can be placed anywhere in the yard. The decks are more typically found around pools, hot tubs, or are designed for entertaining purposes. The deck can be designed more ornately and complex if you have the space available in your outside area.

Creative Deck Designs

You can design your deck with multi-level steps or even cascade the entire structure from one level of the house to the next  or down a hill in the yard. There are also fun shape designs to consider, like curved, triangular, or even trapezoidal. Additionally, entertainment systems, misters, benches, and many other features can be built-in which add function to your deck.

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