Think outside the box


Habitually, people have made decks that are square and flat and sit directly outside the back door. They were also made of pressure treated wood or in cheap; just wood, maybe even cedar and after a couple of years the norm was a deck that was cracking, fading and deteriorating.  Years ago you know that at least once a year one weekend was dedicated to staining, power washing and maybe even fixing the deck.

Today, all that has changed.

“People today think decks are still square and attached to their house at the back door,” Says Mario Conlin owner of Great Railing. “When you tell them they can have anything they want; there lost and confused; it still hasn’t set in that you when you want the inside of your house to be beautiful you should have your decking extend that thought.”

Creating a deck with multiple rooms or spaces within one deck is a very popular solution, carrying the elements of your indoors to your outdoor deck. Use the same color scheme, pillows, lighting and furniture to make the illusion that your house is now extended to your backyard.

Remember when we create a room indoors; each room has its own identity. For instance the kitchen is just that; a stove and sink, countertop and sometimes even a table. Take a space inside your deck and create a kitchen area complete with outdoor kitchen, countertops, sinks and even the table. Your living room probably has a fireplace, TV and a couch. Choose another area on your deck and create a living room experience complete with outdoor TV, couch and FirePit or firewall.

Another design idea is a multiplatform deck, this allows for even more separation but with an outdoor flow. Multi-platformed decks allow homeowners to barbecue and cook in one area, sit and have dinner in another and relax and entertain in yet another.

Today instead of simple straight-lined edges, decks can now be molded to curve around the edges, allowing designers to make the space both elegant and functional. Conlin says “taking a square deck and creating curves takes a deck to a whole new level, it softens the lines; creating a more elegant and natural transition. “

Remember to think outside the box when creating your new deck. For more design ideas check look at our blog on Great Railing and stop into our showroom and let our design experts help you decide how to create your backyard kitchen.

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