Vinyl Fencing is the new Wood Alternative


Its spring time and every year you know you have to go out and paint the fence. If you hate going out year after year and power washing and painting that deck a great alternative to that old wood deck would be a vinyl deck.

There are some great advantages to having vinyl decking besides never having to paint it. Vinyl Fencing is made out of PVC, that’s right the same PVC piping you have under your sink; that fence or deck or railing nowadays is made out of. Everything from furniture to fences is now made from PVC and for a good reason. It’s durable, easy to work with, easy to maintain and never fades.

When vinyl fencing first came out it had its downfalls, breaking down to sun exposure was one of the biggest problems. But now almost all PVC type fencing has a special coating used to shield the material underneath protecting the shape and the appearance as well as the form itself.

Great Railing has all your Vinyl Fencing needs as well as Vinyl Decking and railing. If you’re confused on which type of fencing best suits your needs then Great Railing should be your first phone call. Let Great Railing come out to your house or stop into the showroom located in Williamstown, NJ.

Some of the best features of Vinyl Fencing are how strong it is. Vinyl Fencing is hard to break and flexible and easy to maintain by simply washing it with soap and water. Another great quality is that the color of vinyl fencing is through and through; which means a scratch or a dent is almost impossible to see; hiding the imperfections well.

If you’re a busy homeowner or business and do not like maintaining your fence each year then vinyl fencing is the way to go; at first vinyl fencing is a bit more expensive but if you take into consideration the maintenance each year then the cost can be justified. For many the investment is well worth the time savings.

If you would like to learn more above how to keep your vinyl fence looking beautiful or for more decking ideas contact Great Railing. Great Railing has been the premier decking and railing builders for over 25 years in Southern New Jersey. Contact us today! 856-875-0050


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