Spring Decorating Ideas for your Vinyl fence


Springtime is the one season that home improvement peaks to all time high, the warmer the days and evenings become the more we find ourselves outside enjoying the outdoors and our yards. It’s one of the best times to work on your home before the hot days of summer make us all just want to jump into the backyard pool. This year instead of just cleaning that vinyl fence why don’t you decorate it?

Here are some tips on how to add an element of style to your backyard occasions that will keep the neighbors talking for months. We all know that vinyl fencing takes little to no maintenance each year, by adding vines and climbing plants to your fence you bring in nature and give a soft allure to your fence. Make sure you read one of the past blogs to see just how to clean your fence before you get started.

One of the top climbing plants year after year is Wisteria. Wisteria needs to be kept under control but by mid spring it is amazingly beautiful. Wisteria needs to be kept under control but it is beautiful in mid-spring. Clematis is another good climbing plant; it is actually an evergreen. Beautiful white flowers during February and well suited for a shaded wall or fence.

Hydrangeas are one of the best climbing plants against a North facing wall. They have beautiful white flowers against green foliage and then changing to a bright yellow in autumn. Hydrangeas are magnificent against a white or black fence background. If you’re looking for something a bit flashier on the color scale then try out a Campsis Radican. These self climbing plants show off orange/red flowers mid-summer and are very quick to grow.

This summer and all year round keep your eyes on our blog for more decorating ideas for your fence, deck and backyard.


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