Playing with style and shape


A large deck will feel spacious, but unless it has smaller ‘areas’ within, it may lack intimacy. A deck with all squared corners may feel slightly more formal than one with some curves in it. Curves may raise the cost, though, so consider that when planning.

A modern wood deck design shines with streamlined and sleek railing materials. Today’s spindle choices include transparent panels that won’t block your view, aluminum spindles that add a bit of shine, and, of course, the traditional wood railing.

Aluminum spindles and transparent panels feel light compared to wood. And, wood isn’t just wood — there are many railing designs that are a great accent to a deck and they’re made from wood. Just make sure that they follow local codes.

The top of the posts can be raised above the railing. This could be where you install lighting or a decorative cap, but tall posts should be planned, too. Don’t just make the taller posts a ‘rule’ unless it’s a part of the look that you want. You could just have taller posts at the corners with lighting. Then, they’re a softer accent.

If your deck is very low, you may not need to install railing at all. This would eliminate the visual barrier to the rest of the garden. It would also make it feel more like a patio.

Finally, when considering your wood deck design, think about the color. Pulling a color from your house is a great way to coordinate. If you’re a bit daring, you could try two colors and fancy wood patterns on the floor.

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