Ideas to Decorate Your Deck in the Winter


If you change your inside décor for the seasons, there’s no reason you can’t do the same for your deck, patio or other outdoor living space. With a few space heaters, some warm drinks and some hors d’oeuvres on a warming tray, you can even hold a festive outdoor party in the winter.


Luminarias are paper bags—or ceramic holders shaped like them—with cut outs on the sides. Filled with about 2 inches of sand supporting a candle in the center, luminarias are idea for lighting your deck in the winter for an afternoon or early evening event. The cut outs allow for shadows and flickering lights cast across the deck.


White “fairy” or Christmas tree lights will also bring light and decoration to a winter deck. Use lights approved for outdoor use and string them along the railings and posts of the deck, along the roofline and sides of your house bordering the deck, along the edges and legs of chairs and tables on the deck or coiled up into balls and hung like lamps from the roof edge.


Evergreen plants and winter-blooming flowers can also be used to decorate decks in winter. Traditional poinsettias, Christmas cactus, small potted firs and similar greenery can stand on its own or be decorated itself with lights, ornaments or ribbons.


Papercraft snowflakes, stars, candles and other symbols of the season can also be hung from plants, garlands, window sills, roof edges and deck railings for a festive look. Kids and adults can make snowflakes and other shapes from paper. Don’t limit yourself to white paper: gold and silver paper is usually widely available during the winter months, and construction paper in all shades makes for a lively display of color against a pale winter backdrop.


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