Outdoor Living Spaces: Courtyards, Patios and Decks


Outdoor living spaces have been a usual feature of homes since olden times and they still are an important feature in a lot modern homes. Outdoor living spaces include courtyards, patios and decks.

A courtyard is an open space outside of your and house and is surrounded by fences or buildings and are next to the house. A patio is an open area as well but unlike courtyards, patios are not surrounded by walls; it is for this reason that patios may be detached from the rest of the house and can be, for example, in the garden. Patios can be made out of a variety of materials such as concrete, pavers, stones, etc. Decks are also like patios and can be detached from the rest of the house, but they are platforms that are made out of materials such as wood or vinyl; one of the best materials for decks is vinyl which is durable and does not require as much maintenance as wooden decks.

It is true that adding these features to your house can really improve your time outside of your house and can provide and enjoyable spot for you and your family to relax in. In order to enjoy the area it is important to have them made with lasting materials and make sure they are decorated with cozy fabrics and colors to entice a relaxing and inviting mood.

Like mentioned before, vinyl like Decking is a great material for making the floor of the deck or even of the courtyard. Other materials that can be used include textured concrete or pavers for your patio or courtyard, or maybe even mix it up a bit by using both.

Adding features such as a fireplace or a grill to your outdoor living space can make your outdoor living space even more enticing and inviting. Other outdoor equipment you should think of adding to your outdoor living quarters is a beautiful stone grill or kitchen. This will allow you to your family and friends to enjoy entertaining outside of your house as well as inside.

Remember Great Railing has said time and time again remember to bring the feeling of the inside out. A wonderful way of accomplishing that would be add a fireplace; a fireplace or FirePit is an equally good feature and can transform your evening into a wonderful warm and cozy evening. Have some greenery in your outdoor living space and use some artistic pots and vases with beautifully colored seasonal flowers and plants to accentuate the feeling of being outdoors.

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