Low-maintenance decks


Composite decking has been gaining in popularity because it significantly reduces the maintenance that a deck needs from year to year. The most common type is made of wood fibers mixed with plastic, which is then formed into planks up to 20 feet long. Solid planking is available in 2-by-4 and 5/4-by-4 sizes.

Composite lumber is generally not as strong as wood, which is why it is not used for structural framing. (Use arsenic-free, pressure-treated lumber for deck framing.) Decking made with recycled polyethylene (PE) may require shorter spans of decking between joists than products made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Working with it

You do not need new tools or skills to work with composites, since they can be cut and shaped just like solid wood. Unlike wood, composite decking does not have to be coated with a protective finish. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for design and installation. Great Railing provides quality decking products. We offer a range of composite decking material/lumber or deck kits complete with vinyl rail systems. Our Composite Decking come in a variety of colors to best suit the look you need to make your outside space perfect. If you are having trouble deciding which product is right for you or have questions about one of our decking materials please feel free to send us a message with our easy fill out form to the right. We will have one of our product experts give you a call as soon as possible.

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