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Summer’s almost here, which means it’s time to gear up for that much-anticipated seasonal activity: outdoor entertaining. From casual BBQs to candle-lit dinner parties, homeowners this summer are investing in quality outdoor spaces that seamlessly transition between indoors and out. Open-air living rooms featuring wood arbors, fully upholstered seating and muted colors will be popular this season.  Here are some top tricks for designing an open-air living room that won’t break the bank.

Tip No. 1: Define your space

Clearly defining your outdoor space is a great way to make your open-air living room feel like a cohesive part of your home – and it costs almost nothing! Great Railing recommends that you group outdoor furniture just like you would inside, in conversation areas so the space feels like it has a defined purpose. For those considering larger remodels an arbor is a brilliant way to create a separate area. Rugs and curtains are also popular accessories for defining your open-air living room. Great Railing sells Arbor Kits that are easy and affordable. 

arbor2Tip No. 2: Focus on landscaping

The softness of the garden and landscaping are integral parts of the transition between indoors and outdoor. If you don’t have the budget to invest in professional landscaping just pick one or two quality pots and fill them with lush plants in colors and textures that coordinate with your outdoor décor. The goal is to create a space that draws you outside.

Tip No. 3: Splurge on furniture

Just like inside your home, you want to allocate more of your budget for the things you want to use for seasons – or even years – to come. Buy an outdoor couch with good fabric that can wear through the seasons … then you can get creative with the other things. Choose fewer, but nicer, pieces so you don’t feel compelled to bring things in during the winter months.

Tip No. 4: Lighting on a budget

Open-air living rooms are very conducive to inexpensive lighting options. While many high-end homes are incorporating custom electrical work to accommodate dramatic indoor-style lighting, you can get the same look for a fraction of the cost with thoughtfully selected candles or lanterns. Great Railing sells a large variety of lighting features for all arbors and decking. Oor showroom has a lot to show.

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