Creating Warmth with a Fire Pit

Generally speaking a fire pit is a place where you create an open flame for whatever purpose it may serve. For home use, fire pits may be built based on […]

Generally speaking a fire pit is a place where you create an open flame for whatever purpose it may serve. For home use, fire pits may be built based on the reference of the homeowner. There are quite a number of fire pits designs available to choose from.

One type is the portable fire pit which offers basic fire pit functions. This fire pit is factory built or made by the manufacturer which entails that it does not require little effort to assemble or not at all. Portable fire pits also come in different designs which best suits your landscaping themes. Since they are portable, they can be placed anywhere based on needs and preference, some even come with wheels for a more convenient mobilization. You can use wood or gas when burning and practically provides its ultimate function which is fire.

Portable fire pits are usually made out of metals either copper or cast iron with three or four stands or wheels for some and it is usually cylindrical or spherical in shape. It comes with lid and housing and normally smaller as compared to the built-in fire pits.

Built-in fire pits on the other hand would usually come with the landscape design of a specific home. These fire pits can either be made out of bricks, stone or concretes. The designs available come in various types. It could either be round, square, rectangular or hearth.

The round built-in fire pits are built for functions like sitting around and having conversations which creates a feel-good atmosphere. The square designs are commonly made based on the landscape designs which signify an elegant and classy look at home. Rectangular ones are actually the same as the square ones which are made to associate with the designs of the landscape. Hearth design is a typically one-sided and serves as point of focus in a landscape design and usually with no cover on top.

The third type of fire pit is the temporary fire pit. As the term implies, it is made for single or one-time usage. They can be made using bricks, stones or rocks which are available around the area of your home. Campfires are considered temporary fire pits since they are made for limited use only. When building temporary fire pits, you can search for available rocks around just make sure that they are of the same sizes, have color matches or complimentary.

Fire pits are meant to create fire that is why when building or using one, make sure that there safety measures you take note of. Since it is an open fire, make sure that its distance is just enough from people and infrastructures to avoid from getting burned. It is also important to keep its distance from roofs, garbage cans, plants, shrubs and other things in your home backyard or landscape to avoid any damages on your property and the things around it. Keeping a fire extinguisher at hand may be considered as well.

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