Popular deck remodeling projects that save you money


Decks have become popular homeowner projects nowadays where people can share some special moments with their families or some great time with their friends. Since decks are built outside the house, they are usually exposed to harsh weather conditions and it is only a matter of time before the materials used start losing shape. This is where remodeling comes in to restore the great appearance of the deck.

Deck remodeling procedure

The first thing in deck remodeling is to inspect the deck where you should look for things like cracks, splintering, splits, stains and popped nails among others. You should thoroughly inspect the structural components of the deck as older materials may have degraded and this can cause sagging with continued use of the deck which can even be a health hazard when left unattended.

Most people prefer wooden decks and remodeling this can be quite expensive as this can even mean total restructuring of the deck. This is why some people are now turning to trex remodeling as this is cheaper and easy to maintain. Trex is about 50% polythene and 50 % wood which combines the durability and unique elegant look ensuring that your deck will retain that great look for long.

Wooden decks usually have frame spacing measurement of 16 or 24 inches and this should form the base when remodeling using trex decking. For the 24 inch frame spacing, the joists need to be adjusted 12 inches on center between the existing joists while the joists should be marked at 48 inches for 16 inch spacing. The unmarked joists should then be removed and rehang at 12 inches on the center.

One other good thing with trex is that it is slip resistant and a deck remodeled using such can be comfortably used even during the rainy season. This does not absorb water and there are very little chances that your deck will warp or splint. To ensure that you enjoy this, purchase your trex from authorized dealers; like Great Railing and do not compromise quality for a lower price.

Deck cleaning

After remodeling the deck, the last thing that you should do is clean it and you should use recommended solutions for this. You should then scrub the surface using a hard bristle brush to completely remove debris and weathering. You can consider repainting and this will leave your deck having the same appearance it had when you first used it.

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