How Vinyl Fencing Reacts to Weather


Snow covered vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing is a great alternative to the usual wooden fencing. A lot of people are opting for this type of fencing instead of wood as vinyl fencing. Home owners and businesses often use vinyl fencing for their properties for convenience and styling and pricing.

Mario Conlin; owner of Great Railing told us “The main reason why fencing made out of vinyl is a good alternative to wooden fencing is cost effectiveness. Vinyl fencing is low maintenance and does not require as much looking after as wooden fencing does.” Along with this, he says vinyl Fencing is a lot more durable than wooden fencing and keeps on going for years after a wooden fencing would have rotted out of existence. Great Railing agrees that both these qualities of vinyl i.e. durability and low maintenance, make it an excellent material as far as fencing is concerned and keep the costs in check.


Weather is a particular factor that causes considerable damage to fencing. Wooden fencing for example rots and peels away pretty fast in weather conditions that are out of the ordinary. However this is not the case with vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing is much more weather resistant than wood and even metal fences that tend to rust over time.

Vinyl has quite a few qualities that make it resistant to weather. One of these qualities is that vinyl does not have any fibers, so you will not see any splinters or irregularities that can ruin the look of the fence and cane even be dangerous. Vinyl fences are designed to retain their shape over time and not swell up or gain any other irregularity as far as its shape is concerned. Vinyl fences also contain substances such as UV inhibitors and stabilizers that make the fence weather proof over a long period of time and water resistant.

Low Maintenance

It is a fact however that vinyl fences have an unlimited life; like all things vinyl fences also fade away as time goes by. It is true that vinyl fencing lasts much longer but eventually it will start fading too. Fortunately, even when a vinyl fence starts fading, it fades uniformly. This is because vinyl fences are already colored and do not have to be painted. This leads to low maintenance as well because you do not need to treat the fence surface for stains and other irregularities like you would with a wooden fence.

Therefore, the good people over at Great Railing suggest that if you want a fence that will be able resisting weather through the years, then it is best that you choose a vinyl fence for your house or office.

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