Planning a New Deck


A new deck can be a great way to enhance your home but the development requires careful planning. To get the most out of your investment and your time, take the development process a step beyond materials and budget considerations and before you get started determine what you would like to use your deck for and the type of entertaining you will be using it for.

One of the most important decisions is location. The most popular choice is to position your deck off the back door of your home, although it isn’t the only option. Decks can be also be free standing or extend from another room in your house.

After determining where to place your deck the most important decision will be the size of the deck. Not only does it determine the cost of the deck but it will be used to determine how much room is needed. For example, do you have a six-person table and chairs, a BBQ grill, chairs, lounges and maybe toys for the children, even think if in the long run what would you like. Decide if that hot tub you have always wanted will go on the deck and before you build, design the deck with the hot tub in mind.

After you have determined the size and location how you would like the spaces laid out, some decks have levels, some have spaces set aside for tables or grill or hot tubs. Creating zones by creating levels might be a better choice for some and not for others. When you have determined the layout you might want to think of shading or privacy, some deck include privacy walls, another option would be an awning or canopy. Canopies have become more and more popular these days as they help create a feeling of an outdoor room.

Before we can say we are finished there is one more thing to consider. How you are getting on and off the deck? Is it simply an access through the house or do you have a backyard you’d like to get to as well. Do you need steps, ramps or gates? Again all this determines the price but will help in the initial design phase and help rid a lot of headaches.

For some popular designs and ideas take a look at our photo gallery. Contact us for any questions you might have and let us help you design the deck of your dreams.

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