Choosing the right Composite Deck


There are many factors to consider when selecting composite decking. Not all composite decks are made the same. Some newer composite deck materials contain recycled materials. Not all composite decking have the same density and strength. That’s why Great Railing uses only the best composite decking in the industry; Trex and Fiberon.

If you choose the wrong type of composite decking in years your deck might look faded or different in colors over the years. Make sure you have the right product and you will be happy for a long time. It can be quite overwhelming when trying to determine which composite deck & railings to use.  In its most basic form composite decking is a mixed blend of wood fibers and plastic, the plastic in composite decking is actually the binder; while the wood fiber provides the strength. But be aware if you are looking to save money you are probably starting with low-quality ingredients which in turn you will end up with a sub standard product.

Trex and Fiberon use the most interesting products on the market today. Being very eco-friendly these two products use recycled products in there construction. Both Fiberon and Trex use a protective coating of embossed plastic that has a deep wood grain and completely covers the top and sides of the decking. This coating eliminates the possibility of exposed wood fibers making the decking and railing last for years beyond traditional wood decks.

Check out our installation videos to see how to install a Fiberon or Trex deck and railing.

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