Thinking about Lighting


You’ve just finished your new deck and then you realize you forgot something… outdoor deck lighting. You put so much time in to picking out the perfect wood and deck railing that it never crossed your mind. Now all you have to show off your new deck to your friends is that little yellow bug light beside the back door.

Don’t let this happen to you…

Deck Lighting Options

If you are preparing to add deck lighting for the first time, you need to be aware of the different outdoor deck lighting options that are available to you.

Everyone is familiar with post lighting – the decorative lights that are placed top on posts. However, there are other types of deck lights you should know about.

Post accent lighting, also known as rail lights, are small light that are attached to the lower section of posts to add a small amount of light to the deck floor to provide the perfect ambiance.

Step lights add small amount of illumination, but their main purpose is added safety.

Post Lighting

Outdoor post lighting adds a nice touch to your deck. From the simple to the ornate, you can find a post light that is perfect for your deck. Be sure to take into account your other light sources when adding post lights, you don’t want to flood one area with light while neglecting another area. The goal is to create a nice glow throughout the deck area.

Post Accent Lighting

Just looking for a soft accent to cast some illumination on the deck floor? Post accent lighting may be perfect for you. Post accent lights offer just the right amount of light to see without being an nuisance. These lights, when used properly, are usually sufficient to give just enough light on the deck floor.

Step Lighting

An important outdoor deck lighting feature is step lighting. Not only useful for safety, step lighting is also a nice addition to your overall lighting plan.

Step lighting usually consists of a low output lighting fixture that illuminates the area where a person steps. Remember what you want is safety and attractiveness, not a flood of bright light. Some step lights mount flush into the riser part of the step while others are made to mount on the wall or posts to the sides of the steps.

Outdoor Deck Lighting Points to Consider

Your new outdoor deck lighting may require the skills of an electrician for installation. For this reason when deciding on deck lighting it’s important to plan ahead. Think about the uses you will have for your deck: entertaining, a romantic evening, maybe a hot tub. Each of these may require a different type of lighting.

Remember: It is always easier to turn the lights down than it is to brighten them.

If using multiple types of outdoor deck lighting be sure to consider having different light switches so you can control your lighting. Plan ahead.

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