An instant Outdoor Great Room


Image courtesy of On Deck OutdoorThe backyard isn’t just for decks or patios anymore, move over for a Pergola. The old-time feature is coming back into style this year and making a big splash with the new decking material available.

As like many decking companies, the wood deck is almost gone from existence while the new PVC decking is showing how easily it can knock out the competition. The once famous Trex with its composite decking is also taking a hit with the new PVC or Virgin Vinyl material. Trex’s composite decking has a bulletin buried deep on its website about mold growing inside, because of the composite materials used in making the deck material.

Today the Pergola or Arbors are getting a new lease on life as many people are looking to expand their house for as little money as possible. And what is better than a new Pergola from Great Railing which is all solid PVC; which means they hardly have to be cleaned and will never rot or stain. Add a beautiful fireplace and some outdoor furniture and you have expanded your backyard in to what is being called an Outdoor Great Room.

Not that familiar with Pergolas, I decided I needed to do some research on the subject. I was confused on what an Arbor is and a Pergola is; and in all fairness there is much difference. Both styles are constructed to use beams, and rafters spaced evenly apart, but only the pergola has flat boards on top of the rafter spaced approximately 6″, 12″ or 24″ apart based on the desired amount of shade you require.

Great Railing has these Arbor/Pergola kits that literally are one of a kind, how? Well, because you can create it here and we can make up the kit for you, everything is custom designed for exactly what you want. Go outrageous or small, we can help you achieve that look you have in mind.

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