How to Build Wooden Planter Box


For casual activities, get- together and more, decks serve a number of purposes and it is highly functional area in the house. Additionally, it adds beauty and relaxation. Building your own wooden planter box needs a lot of hard work and needs a careful planning. So, far the quick way to decorate your deck is by installing wooden planter box. A wooden planter box is so easy to set up and anyone can do it. As you can see, wooden planters box in your deck are pretty great. It is both simple and beautiful and is a great way to install plants and flowers.

Wooden planter box is something that can be done the DIY way and will work perfectly for you. You can customize your DIY wooden planter box to meet your needs. By reading this article you can learn the proper instruction for your DIY wooden planter box.

To begin your DIY wooden planter box, you need the following materials such as: boards, galvanized screws, wood cleats, mounting brackets, and screen (vinyl or nylon). For tools, you need saw, drill, screwdriver, and tape measure.

For starter, determine the size of the planter box. Purchase a wood or cedar from local lumber store near you. Cedar is usually readily available and it is best wood for to build a wooden planter box because it is durable, long lasting and naturally resist rotting. Other woods can deteriorate quickly and less ideal for deck planters.

After determining the size of the planter box and purchasing a wood or cedar, cut the side and end pieces to size you desire. Using the galvanized screws secure them together. Then, measure the box’s length and width. Cut a piece that will fit in and secure the both sides by using galvanized screws. The screws will work like clamps to hold the side together.

To keep the box from damaging the railing, attach cleats in the bottom of the box. After this, drill three or four drainage holes in the bottom of the box.

Install screen in the box to help hold gravel and dirt. Set the vinyl or nylon screen, measure the size that fits the box and then, cut a piece of it. Place the cut screen in the box.

When the planter box is complete, you can screw the box directly to your deck railing. If you want the box attach to the side of the railing you can use a store- bought bracket system. When the wooden planter box is successfully done, just add  soil and desired plants to enhance the look of your deck.

DIY wooden planter box is a fun project to do. If you are good with hammers and nails and like to build things yourself then, there is a great chance to come up with a nice wooden planter box. The best way to get your work done is to have a careful planning or consult professional deck planter services. With wooden planter box in your deck you can enjoy your deck space more and if you built it your own then, there’s something to be proud of.

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