How to Install and Secure a Deck Railing Post with Blocking


Do you want to know how to install and secure a deck railing post with blocking? This article will help you install your railing regardless of what materials you will be using tight and secured for the entire life span of the deck. Blocking or bridging, as it is sometimes referred to, is installed on the side framing of the deck to reduce lateral movements. Installing blocking is recommended when running the handrail in the same direction as the joists. This helps in creating a box where you can secure the handrail to the post to avoid deflection when leaned on.

How to Install Post to the Joists when Railing Runs Parallel to the Joists

The first step is to mark the interior post rim where you are going to place your post. Second, you need to get the distance between the first interior joist beam and the outer rim/band joist to secure your deck post whether it will be 4×4 or 6×6. Make sure you have two pre-cut pressure treated wood blocking available that can fit loosely on the beam of the joists. If the pieces of wood needs to be pounded make sure that you have a wood measuring 1/8 to ¼ inch to prevent the joists from bowing.

The wood blocking should be placed along the markers before nailing it in place using galvanized nails. You need to measure then cut a small piece of wood that will complete the box. Nail the wood into place. The next step is to place the pre-cut wood rail into place making sure that it is flush with the joist at the bottom. You can use a clamp or tack the post in place.

Follow this up by drilling holes measuring ½ inch then install ½ inches galvanized bolts in place. Make sure that you include the washers as well as the nuts but don’t tighten them too much. The distance between the bolts should be at least one inch or less for reinforcement.

Installation of Posts for Perpendicular Running Railings

The steps here are almost similar to the ones mentioned above with the exception that you only need to install one cross member. The use of post level is highly recommended to make sure that the posts are flushed. You can insert a shim of you like but make sure you insert before you cinch the posts in place.

There is no doubt that installing the rail post right into the framing then later add blocking can secure the railing even better.

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