Designing Your Closet

Closets are a very important part of people’s lives.  It may be someone’s best friend for it is the thing they face in the morning to start their day.  It […]

Closets are a very important part of people’s lives.  It may be someone’s best friend for it is the thing they face in the morning to start their day.  It is basic storage space for some and for others it is where they keep their most prized possessions.  The right closet design can be a great convenience especially to the not so organized person.   This is the reason why it is important to be able to choose the perfect closet design to maximize space. Below are certain considerations to be taken into account in improving ones closet:

Size Means Everything

First is size and dimensions. The number of clothes, shoes, socks, underwear must be determined in choosing closet size. Every closet has partitions and thus the length, number of shelves and width must be properly measured to fit specifications.  Make use of the space available from top to bottom and arrange the things most used in the most accessible part and the seasonal things can be stored at the back or the bottom.

Light the Way

Lighting must also be considered to view closet contents. It is always best for closets to be in natural light but if not available, fluorescent lighting is the best option. It is safe compared to incandescent bulbs which can cause fire.

Familiarity with closet contents is also important. Since the would be contents of the closet was considered in determining the closet size it is important to know user habits to know how contents would be arranged as well as space consumption. An example is user preference such as hanging vs. folding and rolling vs. bunching or stacking.

See through Views

Visibility of Contents. It is always better to be able to see or have the closet contents in full view. This includes shirts, ties, socks, underwear for the purpose of easier access and for dressing options. It would be an advantage for shelves and drawers to be adjustable and versatile.  Glass, acrylic or see-thru drawers may also be used to make this achievable.

Cozy on up

Consider the floor.  It may not be important for some but standing on the floor in front of the closet everyday would have the user think of comfort and cleanliness.  It is always best to have carpeted floors due to warmth but it can be a nightmare to clean.  Having wood or vinyl floors are ideal to those not so savvy on the vacuum cleaner.

Check out molds, mildew and other bacteria. Closets, like humans, need air otherwise it may be filled with bacteria such as mold and mildew and even insects. A small fan may be used or a dehumidifier to prevent dampness and to keep closet from being musty.

Cedar is a no-no.  The scent of cedar can be really foul.  To prevent the bedroom from smelling like animal waste, cedar closets shouldn’t be used.  If cedars closets cannot be avoided make sure it is situated in basements or attics. Once all considerations are met, mornings can’t be sweeter. Picking outfits can’t be easier and thus days can’t be brighter.

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