Closet Transformation 101


All organizing projects need a concrete system or method to come up with really pleasant result. In line with this, closet transformation from a real chaos to order may seem quite a task but it only needs a simple organizing formula which will be discussed moving forward. Whether you are working mom, full time mom, a bachelorette or a bachelor, it is always great to have a well-organized closet, just like what other people say, it reflects how organized one’s life is.

In transforming your closet there are things to take note of which includes the association of each item with other items, knowing this will help you identify which stuff should occupy a certain space and which needs to be placed somewhere else. Secondly, make sure you arrange each closet one at a time and it would be best if you start with the one you use more often. Lastly, you have to condition your pacing which means that you have to take care of one closet within 3-6 hours.

Now, you have to do one step at a time to make your closet transformation within the pace you’re supposed to have it done. Initially, sort out the clothes inside, pull them all out and start sorting them by categories like shorts, shirts, jackets, dresses, pants, slacks, etc. This may surprise you knowing that you are keeping the same clothes inside your closet. It may turn out that you’ve been buying blouses of almost the same style and color.

Next step is purging. Taking away what you do not use and keeping those clothes you wear and love. You can start throwing away clothes which have been worn out, stained and the ones which do not fit anymore. You can also check those clothes which are already out of trend. You can allocate these clothes to charities or close friends and relatives so as not to have much of a separation anxiety knowing that they are taken away for a good cause.
After which, you start assigning a specific section or space for each category such as pants on hangers, hats on top of the shelf, ties and belts on the back of the closet door, socks on one drawer and so on. As afore mentioned, consider placing them based on the correlation with one another.

Fianlly recreate the area with a closet oragnizer; like the ones at Great Railing, and trasnform your closet into the ultimate dream closet you’ve been looking for. Once done, you can start putting other stuff inside containers or other tools to keep your closet more organized. You can place empty hangers in a basket to avoid crowding. You may also have shelf dividers to have a better view of your clothes or you can have shoe rack or shoe boxes placed at the bottom of your closet to take advantage of empty spaces.

Having a well-organized closet is not for anyone else but you. It will bring you peace and less tensed moments when you are about go out and need to get dressed.

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