Garden Lights – Be Safe and Secure Outside Your Property


Be Safe and Secure Outside Your Property

Garden lights can do wonders for the beauty of your house by accentuating your garden. But apart from this obvious benefit that garden lights provide, another very important purpose that garden lights fulfill is that they provide extra safety for you and your family outside your property.  At Great Railing we know how lighting should look and we have any design to suit your design needs.

When planning out the garden lighting for your garden, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. The most important thing is that there are different types of lighting that serve different purposes. Lighting can be used to highlight a certain feature of your garden such as a water feature or a statue. This kind of lighting does little in the way of safety but it definitely improves the beauty of your garden. Another type of lighting is the one that would be used for facilitating a certain activity such as a BBQ spot or a just a walk way.  You can find different types of walkway lighting on our Great Railing website. This kind of lighting is called Task Lighting and it should be bright enough to light up the task it is meant for but not too bright so that it does not cause you to get blinded the glare. Yet another kind of lighting is the general lighting of the main area of the garden where you can expect you and your family to be present most of the time. This kind of lighting is called Ambient Lighting.

All these kinds of lighting for your garden can help in increasing your safety around your garden, however, they safety is not their main purpose. For keeping your garden safe for yourself and your family it is best that you install Security Lighting. Installing security lighting, as is obvious by the name, will ensure maximum safety in your garden area as far as the types of lighting are concerned.  There are certain kinds of Security Lighting that you can install in your garden. You can use a PIR sensor which will automatically turn the light on when it senses movement. Or you can use a photocell such as the LED Post Light which turns the light on at dusk and then back off at dawn. A normal flood light can also be use for security purposes. Security Lighting should be mainly used in areas that are most vulnerable and get the darkest.

However, you must also remember to not install such lighting too close to the area that you and your family usually use as this lighting is far too bright. If a location exists that you need to be secure and bright and is also on a place which is utilized often then a light with a manual switch is preferable.

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