Building a simple deck



The decision to add a deck to your house may sound simple but it really involves a lot. People have different reasons why they would like to build a deck where some will do it for home improvement while others will do it to add value especially if the house is meant for sale or rent. Whatever the case can be, there definitely are some considerations to be made and one has to come up with a real great plan to achieve the desired results.

Considerations when building a deck

Space available

You should first check to see the available space and this can be described as small, large or irregular. If the space available is small, you should consider building a multilevel deck to make efficient use of the vertical space and you can then use the various levels for different purposes. A large space will allow you to build a big deck with different activity areas on the same level while an irregular space will necessitate building curved decks to work around the obstructions.


People will have different uses like dining, sharing with friends or private place for relaxation. If you plan to use the deck for dining, you should consider building the deck close to the kitchen to reduce the traveling distance from the kitchen to the deck. A deck for sharing with friends should have an area where you can share barbeque and you can use platforms to accommodate quite a number. For relaxation purpose, you can build just a small deck and place a small table and some chairs.

Sun and shade

You should place you deck in such a position that you can enjoy both sun and shade at the specific time you want to. You can shade your deck by placing a roof over it or by constructing it next to shady trees in your compound. Using trees for shade provides a very natural environment for relaxation and provides very unique designs as you try to make your way around the trees.

Other important considerations that should be made include:

  • Entrances and exits- these will determine the different places from where you can access the deck and you can have single or multiple access points. This may also require you to use stairs.
  • Privacy- you can decide to build the deck behind the house if you need a lot of privacy
  • Leaning or sitting- you need to place chairs for sitting and strong rails for leaning

By putting all the above in mind, you will definitely achieve the desired results. You can consult deck builders if you experience difficulties in making some decisions.

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