Choosing a Deck Railing


Railing Vinyl

Deciding on what kind of railing to use for your deck railing design ideas is an important decision. This is because your decision will have an impact on the overall look of your home and on the safety of those who use the deck.

The first question we should tackle is as to whether you really need deck railing in the first place. For people with decks that are very low, for instance less than 30 inches above the ground, or at ground level, then there really is no need for deck railing. However, if within your home you have very young or old people, like your 90-year old grandma or a 3-year old toddler, then deck railing is a must have. If you also do not want to leave your deck bare, though it is on a lower level, you could always place items to substitute for rails, such as benches, plants, grills, wide stairs, and so on.

If your deck is 30-inches above the ground and higher, then you have no option but to get deck railing. Therefore, when considering what deck railing to get for your home, always keep in mind the aesthetic value that the deck rails add to your deck, the safety that it affords, that it does not constrict your view, and that its price range is within your budget.

That’s said; let us consider some deck railing design ideas that will achieve all these considerations for you.

Wooden Deck Railing Design Ideas

The main reason that many prefer to go for this design is it is affordable and it looks good. Plus, wooden deck railing can be customized into elaborate and interesting patterns, for instance the sunburst pattern. The only slight drawback is that this design will require some amount of maintenance to ensure that it remains looking as good as new.

Another considerably big disadvantage is that wood balusters have sometimes been known to warp and twist. These deck rails will be just fine for a number of years, but the warping and twisting will come, you are just never sure when. However, with regular maintenance you can strengthen the wood against this defect.

Vinyl Deck Railing Design Ideas

Vinyl deck railing is another popular option for those looking for an alternative to wood. Its greatest benefit being that, in comparison to wood, this design cannot twist or warp. Consequently, the vinyl deck railing design will require very little maintenance. Users will only need to wash it from time to time.

Aluminum Deck Railing Design Ideas

Aluminum deck railing is also another lightweight, but sturdy option available in the market. Just don’t let anyone put heavy pressure on the railing or place heavy items against it. This design comes in a number of colors and patterns and can even be combined with wooden posts to create an interesting look.

Glass Deck Railing Ideas

For the ultimate view of whatever picturesque view lies on the other side of your deck, glass is the absolute best way to go. It may be expensive, but will be worth every penny, especially if your house is near a lake or mountain view.

Whatever deck railing design ideas you have, you can implement them on your decking area.

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