Hidden Deck Fasteners for Composite Decking


When families choose to install a deck in their houses, most of them end up choosing composite decks. Why? Simply because in the long run, they offer higher quality, and durability, at lower costs (given that they require less upkeep and maintenance).  Now, going past the kind of deck that families decide to go with, and going into the actual installation of the deck, there are certain things that must be taken into account; the most important aspect to consider during installation is what to use to keep the deck boards firmly in place.

For the most part, people believe that the best way to set the boards is using face screws.  Face screws are those that are inserted on top of the board and go all the way down to the joist (the deck’s base).  Now, most contractors will say that this is what you should do in order to achieve the best possible installation for your deck.  However, these contractors are wrong.  Face screws must never be used; instead, you should go with hidden deck fasteners.

Hidden deck fasteners are fasteners that hold deck boards firmly in place; they unite the boards with the deck’s joist, securing them in position without any perforation or blemish on the deck’s surface.  Surely, this fastening system is much better than face screws due to the fact that they do not compromise the deck’s overall aesthetic.  However, this is not the only reason that you should go with hidden deck fasteners instead of any other fastening system.  You probably did not know this, but composite deck boards are prone to expansion/contraction, especially when they are subjected to extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

When composites expand or contract, only their lengths are affected; they can either become longer or shorter, depending on what weather and temperature conditions they are met with.  Because of this, it is unadvisable to use face screws, because these may cause deformations in the boards and they may even become loose.  Why? Because when the boards’ length changes, they will inevitably move, and when this happens, the screws will be moved as well, and this will loosen up the boards.

However, if you go with a hidden deck fastener, no screws will go through the actual board, and the best thing is that the boards will not budge even if they expand or contract.  So, if you ever find yourself installing a composite deck, never use face screws.  If you want your deck to be installed properly (and save yourself a lot of hassle towards the future), you must always use hidden deck fasteners.

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