Utilizing an Arbor?


What exactly is a arbor you might ask? The true definition of an arbor is a vertical structure in a landscape that can provide shelter, privacy, or act as an accent. But basically an arbor provides shade, it can be made of any material really, but the most common use for a arbor is shading. Great Railing specializes in arbors as well as decking, railing and much more for your outdoor entertaining.
A high quality garden arbor adds a beautiful look to any yard or garden. Garden arbors work great with climbing plants and vines like climbing roses or ivy. An arbor in a backyard garden is often at the end of a walking path covered by a pergola, or placed in a scenic central area of a flower garden.  It would not be unusual for a homeowner to entertain guests in an arbor during an informal “garden party”.

An arbor might also serve as the location for an outdoor wedding, with the bride, groom, minister and bridal party standing under the arch of a garden trellis.  An arbor doesn’t have to be an elaborate design element in a flower garden as long as it supplies shade and a comfortable seating area for visitors.

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