Decking Designs for a Truly Great Outdoor Space


For all those who own houses with unappreciated or simply unused outdoor space, one truly great idea is to build a deck (be it one big one or several smaller ones).  Decks not only help make a better usage of the available outdoor space in your home, but also enhance the house’s overall appearance, making it much more aesthetically pleasing (not to mention what it can do for your house’s market value should you ever decide to sell).

So, if decking your available outdoor space is something you would seriously consider doing, then the first thing you’d need is to go over decking designs in order to make a short list comprised of those designs that go best with your house (and with your ideas and expectations of what an ideal deck would be, of course).  Do you want a big deck? Do you want a small one?  Would you prefer colored wooden boards or just natural colored boards?  What orientation would you prefer for your deck?  Well, there are several many ways you could choose to go when building a deck, so the first thing you do is know exactly what you want and how you want it done.

Maybe you’re one of those do-it-yourself persons, in which you would probably be better off constructing a plain deck (one of those that you can get in a specialized store and brings construction kits and instructions so that you know what you’re doing every step of the way).  Maybe you hate doing things yourself, or you simply want an elaborate deck built; this probably should be left in the hands of a professional contractor who actually knows what he’s doing.

If you like flowers and plants, a garden deck could be the way to go; if you’re more a person who enjoys having barbecues with friends, a bigger deck that can accommodate a grill and a big enough table (say, 6-8 seats) would be best.  Decking designing ideas abound; the trick is knowing what look you want it to have and its proposed usage.  Maybe you want the deck to look good with plenty of flowers, but the space is not sufficient for the flowers and the grill (because you want it to be used for barbecues).  Last of all, don’t worry yourself too much with getting it built; once you have picked up what kind of deck you want, the rest will flow naturally.  In essence, if it’s a plain deck you will be perfectly able to do it yourself; if it is an elaborate design, get a contractor.   Either way the people at Great Railing and DeckTek can help you do both.

For more design ideas check look at our blog on Great Railing and stop into our showroom and let our design experts help you decide how to create your backyard kitchen.

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