Extending your home with a deck


Let’s remember that in design there are no one size fits all answers. Extending your home into your deck takes a lot more thought then you actually think. When we invite company over we want them to enjoy our house, naturally we want a flow from house to deck to yard. In order to do this we must sit back and look at what we have already in our house.

If you have a distinctive style inside your house you should think carefully about taking that outside as well. For instance if your house is characteristically a country styled house, wrought iron railing, stained word trimmings, country colors, yellows, blues and browns then you should think the same for your deck. When a person steps out onto your deck you don’t want them to step into a completely different world, modern decking, white and gray, white railing and black furniture you might actually think of a warm brown in a new vinyl composite deck. The railings might be a thin black railing fence keeping up with country styling inside the house. Furniture should stick with the same warm colors and possibly a splash of color in the pillows to accent the furniture.

Splashes of warm colors gold, yellows and blues in vases, table accents and such bring the house to the deck and so forth. Be careful to examine the size, shape, colors, and texture of your house. How can you flatter these features? Try to acknowledge faint details you like.

Understanding and appreciating the physical and emotional framework of your property will determine how you will create a feeling that extends your house to the decking outside.

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