Determining the size of your deck


Have you ever seen a small deck on a huge house or even a large deck on a small house; if so then your first thought is ‘Who designed this?’ Determining the size of a deck against a house can be a bit daunting if you do not know what you’re doing. The scale of a deck should be proportionate to the house and yard.

A large house will look much nicer with a large deck but you need to be able to visually interpret what your deck would look like. An oversized deck to a small house will overpower the yard and look out of place. Deck builders like Great Railing or Deck Builders know the industry rule of thumb; try not to design any single section of deck to be larger than the largest room of the house.

Another thing you need to consider is how the deck will be used; if you plan on furnishing the deck, you need at least a 12’ x 12’ space to for the table and chairs to fit comfortably. Also remember the smaller the space.

Like a sculptor you can begin to build the forms of your deck by simply figuring the best size that compliments your house. Great Railing can help you answer these questions. Check our blog regularly and give us a call anytime.

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